I have been going through some challenging times lately, and in order to raise needed funds I am trying to sell my inventory of original drawings. I have more than fifty drawings available, listed below. For the next two months, I am offering them for a full third less than their usual prices.

Please send an e-mail to to claim any of these pieces. Let me know also to what country I will be sending it, so that I can calculate the postage.

Benefits for my supporters on Patreon and the patrons of the Summula Pictoria can be accessed here.

Yours faithfully,

        Daniel Mitsui
        February 2024




     Tetramorphs, Fathers, Prophets,
     Alphabet, Hoc Est Enim Corpus Meum
     $3960     $2640
     Temptation of St. Anthony     $2808     $1872
     Last Judgment     $1492     $995
     Butterfly 3     $1360     $907
     Big Chi Rho     $1360     $907
     Pater, Credo, Ave, Salve,
     Quicumque & Gloria
     $1485     $990
     Victor Exemplar     $1115     $743
     Butterfly 1     $1105     $734
     St. Christopher     $840     $560
     St. Agnes     $840     $560
     St. Peter the Apostle     $814     $543
     Anxiatus Est     $690     $460
     Hebrew Alphabet     $580     $387
     Psalms 11, 12, and 13     $551     $367
     Holy Name of Jesus     $544     $363
     Vere Languores     $500     $333
     St. Thomas of Canterbury     $450     $300
     Ss. Stephen, John, Thomas & Sylvester     $450     $300
     Lucas Evangelista     $450     $300
     Psalms 19, 20, and 21     $450     $300
     Psalms 7, 8, 9, and 10     $423     $282
     St. Sebastian     $405     $270
     Maze Bookplate     $394     $263
     Tobias     $366     $244
     Psalms 30 and 31     $320     $213
     Psalm 37     $320     $213
     Pattern Sheet with XP     $243     $162
     Creation of Adam     $240     $160
     Psalm 3     $240     $160
     Psalm 39     $240     $160
     Psalm 40     $240     $160
     Psalm 25     $200     $133
     Psalm 28     $180     $120
     Psalm 29     $180     $120
     Psalm 38     $180     $120
     St. Quentin Bookplate     $180     $120
     Small Green Pattern 1     $115     $77
     Small Green Pattern 2     $76     $51




I have six different cards for Easter available at my Redbubble store.


I have written many original carol and hymn texts, and formatted them as typeset printouts with decorative borders. These can be downloaded here for a few dollars each.

     VANITAS VANITATUM: A Song on Earthly Transience
     GOD FORGIVES: A Call to Repentance
     THY BOSOM FRIEND: A Carol on the Betrayal of Jesus Christ
     COME WAVING BRANCHES: A Carol for Palm Sunday
     BAKÈD BREAD AND WINE SO RED: A Carol for Maundy Thursday
     THE BREAD OF LIFE: A Eucharistic Carol
     SING WELLAWAY: A Carol on the Agony in the Garden
     THE HEMLOCK: A Carol on the Death of Jesus Christ
     THE HEN SHRIKE: A Ballad on the Death of Jesus Christ
     A GODFORSAKEN GOD: An Alphabet on the Death of Jesus Christ
     NO GREATER LOVE: A Romance on the Death of Jesus Christ
     A WRETCH ON A GALLOWS TREE: A Song of Consolation
     BROKEN THINGS: A Ballad for the Holy Triduum
     SEVEN TIMES SEVEN: A Counting Song on the Passion of Jesus Christ
     FELIX CULPA: A Carol for the Vigil of Easter
     THE SIGN OF JONAH: A Carol for Easter
     CHRIST IS RISEN: A Carol for Easter
     HE IS NOT DEAD: A Carol for Easter Week

Most of these are included in my first poetry collection, The Wretch on the Gallows Tree, which I hope to publish very soon. The print version is not yet available, but it can be pre-ordered here. I will send anyone who places an advance order a .pdf of the manuscript immediately, and a copy of the printed book as soon as it is ready.

all works copyright Daniel Mitsui / danmitsui at hotmail dot com