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This drawing includes a large historiated initial N, followed by the two short passages from the Psalms, arranged in the manner of an illuminated manuscript. The central image shows a priest celebrating Mass. The altar frontal and walls of the chapel are meant to invoke the artwork of the English Gothic Revival; emblems of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts are included there.

Within the large initial N I drew St. Michael and St. Andrew, with their respective attributed arms in the lower right portion. St. Thomas Aquinas appears kneeling, with a few words from the Pange Lingua written on a banderole. This serves to identify him (the author of the hymn), and to refer to the Precious Blood being elevated in the central image. Pius X and Cardinal Merry del Val are represented by their coats of arms; the brown scapular also appears in the ornament. All of these saints and devotions have particular significance for the patron.

Medium: Drawing, color ink on Bristol board
Dimensions: 3" × 4 3/4"
Year: 2015

The original drawing was made on private commission.

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