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The central image with the equestrian portrait of St. Joan was inspired by several works of art, most obviously John Duncan’s 1896 painting Jehanne d’Arc et sa Garde Ecossaise.

St. Joan’s banner is drawn according to contemporary descriptions. It includes an image of Christ in Majesty holding an orb and flanked by two angels, one holding a lily and one holding a sword; the words Jhesus Maria; and a pattern of fleurs-de-lis.

The text written around the border of the drawing is excerpted from the Ditie de Jehanne d’Arc, a poem written by Christine de Pisan in 1429, about a year before St. Joan’s capture:
Tu, Jehanne, de bonne heure née,
Benoist soit cil qui te créa!
Pucelle de Dieu ordonnée,
En qui le Saint Esprit réa
Sa grant grace, en qui ot et a
Toute largesse de hault don,
Nonc requeste ne te véa.
Qui te rendra assez guerdon?

Blessed be He who created thee,
Joan, who wert born at a propitious hour!
Maiden sent from God,
Into whom the Holy Spirit poured
His great grace, in Whom there was and is
An abundance of noble gifts,
Never did He refuse thee any request.
Who ever can begin to repay thee?
In the corners of the drawing I drew the Blessed Virgin Mary holding the Christ Child, and St. Joan’s three guiding voices: St. Michael, St. Catherine of Alexandia and St. Margaret of Antioch. These are based on figures in illuminated Books of Hours.

Medium: Drawing, color ink on goatskin parchment with brass leaf
Dimensions: 10" × 8"
Year: 2011

The original drawing was made on private commission.

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