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3 August 2002




Birth of the Virgin Mary Announced to Joachim by an Angel : Vision of Astyages : Enclosed Garden and Sealed Fountain : Balaam's Prophecy of the Star


Birth of the Virgin Mary : Tree of Jesse : Closed Door : Solomon's Temple


Presentation of the Virgin Mary in the Temple : Golden Table Brought up by Fishermen : Jephthah's Daughter Sacrificed : Queen of Persia in the Hanging Garden


Espousals of Mary and Joseph : Espousals of Sara and Tobias : Tower called Baris : Tower of David


Annunciation : Moses and the Burning Bush : Gideon's Fleece : Rebecca Gives Drink to Eliezer


Nativity : Dream of Pharaoh's Butler : Flowering of Aaron's Rod : Augustus and the Tiburtine Sibyl


Adoration of the Magi : Magi See the Star : Three Heroes Bring Water to David from the Well of Bethlehem : Solomon's Throne


Presentation in the Temple : Ark of the Covenant : Golden Candlestick : Presentation of Samuel


Flight into Egypt and the Fall of Idols : Egyptians Make an Image of a Virgin and Child : Moses Breaks Pharaoh's Crown : Nebuchadnezzar's Dream of the Image


Baptism of Christ : Brazen Laver : Naaman Cleans Himself in the River Jordan : Passage of the Ark through the River Jordan


Temptation in the Desert : Daniel Destroys Bel and the Dragon : David Slays Goliath : David Kills the Lion and the Bear


Mary Magdalene Washes Christ's Feet : Manasseh Repents : Return of the Prodigal Son : David Repents


Entry into Jerusalem : Jeremiah Weeps over Jerusalem : Triumph of David : Heliodorus Repulsed from the Temple


Last Supper : Manna in the Desert : Paschal Lamb : Melchizedek Offers Bread and Wine


Men Sent to Arrest Christ Fall Backwards : Samson Slays 1000 with the Jawbone of an Ass : Shamgar Slays 600 with an Ox Goad : David Slays 800


Betrayal of Christ : Joab Kills Amasa : Saul Throws a Spear at David : Cain Kills Abel


Mocking of Christ : Hur Spat Upon until He Dies : Ham Mocks his Father Noah : Samson Blinded


Flagellation of Christ : Achior Bound to a Tree : Lamech Beaten by His Two Wives : Job Excoriated by His Wife


Crowning with Thorns : Apamene the Concubine of Darius Smites him and Takes his Crown : Shimei Casts Stones at David : King of Ammon Insults David's Ambassadors


Carrying of the Cross : Isaac Carries the Wood for His Own Sacrifice : Heir of the Vineyard Killed : Two Spies Carry the Grapes from the Land of Promise


Nailing to the Cross : Tubal-Cain and Jubal invent Music and Smithery : Isaiah Martyred with a Saw : King of Moab Immolates his Son.


Crucifixion : Nebuchadnezzar's Dream of the Tree : Death of Codrus the King of Athens : Eleazar kills the Elephant and Dies Himself


Christ Derided by the Jews : Michal Despises David : Absalom Pierced by Three Spears and Two Swords : Evil-Merodach Cuts the Body of His Father into 300 Parts


Deposition : Jacob Bewails Joseph : Adam and Eve Mourn Abel : Naomi Bewails her Husband and Sons


Lamentation over Christ and Entombment : David Mourns Abner : Joseph Put into the Cistern by His Brothers : Jonah Thrown into the Sea


Descent into Limbo : Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Delivered from the Furnace : Daniel in the Lions' Den : Naggar Tura Frees its Brood from the Glass with the Schamir's Blood


Christ Overcomes the Devil : Benaiah Slays the Lion in the Pit: Samson Rends the Lion : Ehud Kills Eglon


Virgin Mary Overcomes the Devil : Judith kills Holofernes : Jael kills Sisera : Tomyris kills Cyrus


Harrowing of Hell : Moses Leads the Exodus : Abraham Rescued from Nimrod's Fire : Lot Escapes from Sodom


Resurrection : Samson Carries off the Gates of Gaza : Jonah Escapes the Whale after Three Days : Stone which the Builders Rejected


Ascension : Jacob's Dream of the Ladder : Parable of the Lost Sheep : Elijah Translated in the Fiery Chariot


Pentecost : Tower of Babel : Giving of the Law : Widow's Cruse


Christ's Intercession : Antipater Shows his Scars to Julius Caesar : Virgin Mary Shows her Breast to the Son : Esther Intercedes for her People before Ahasuerus


Last Judgment : Parable of the Talents : Parable of the Ten Virgins : Writing on the Wall


Torments of Hell : David Punishes the Men of Rabbath : Gideon Punishes the Men of Succoth : Pharaoh and his Host Drowned in the Red Sea


Joys of Heaven : Queen of Sheba Visits King Solomon : Feast of Ahasuerus : Job Feasts with his Children


Virgin Mary after the Ascension Frequents the Holy Places : Wife of Tobias Troubled by her Son's Absence : Parable of the Lost Silver Piece : Michal Married to Phaltiel


Assumption of the Virgin Mary : Ark of the Covenant Brought Home : St. John on Patmos sees the Virgin Mary in Glory : Solomon Places His Mother at His Right Hand


St. Francis and St. Dominic see the Virgin Mary Intercede for Mankind before the Throne of God : Abigail Appeases David : Woman of Tekoa Appeases David : Woman of Abela Appeases Joab


Protection of the Virgin Mary : Tharbis the Princess of Sabba Defends her City against Moses : Abimelech Killed by the Woman of Thebez : Michal Helps David Escape from Saul

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