Daniel Mitsui ~ Summula Pictoria ~  List of Drawings


The Summula Pictoria will include 244 pictures. I shall draw these using metal-tipped dip pens and paintbrushes, with pigment-based inks, on calfskin vellum. The pictures will be in full color. I shall use the calfskin’s translucency for artistic effect, drawing extensively on both its front and its back to create each picture.

The cost to commission each 9"×9" picture (numbers 1-40) is $6075.

The Last Judgment drawing (number 41) costs $12150 to commission.

The cost to commission each 9"×13.5" picture (numbers 42-55) is $9113.

The cost to commission each 4.5"×4.5" picture (numbers 56-243) is $1519.

The Tree of Jesse drawing (number 244) costs $36450 to commission.


Each of these 40 pictures will measure 9"×9", centered on a larger piece of calfskin vellum.

1   Annunciation to Mary
2   Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth
3   Nativity of Jesus Christ
4   Circumcision of Jesus Christ
5   Adoration of the Magi
6   Presentation of Jesus Christ
7   Flight into Egypt

8   Baptism of Jesus Christ
9   Temptation in the Desert
10   Wedding at Cana
11   Exorcism of the Gerasene Demon
12   Cure of the Paralytic
13   Cure of the Woman with a Hemorrhage
14   Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes
15   Jesus Christ Walks on the Water
16   Cure of the Man Born Blind
17   Transfiguration of Jesus Christ
18   Resurrection of Lazarus

19   Entry into Jerusalem
20   Mary Magdalen Anoints Jesus Christ
21   Scouring of the Temple
22   Last Supper
23   Jesus Christ Washes the Apostles’ Feet
24   Agony in the Garden
25   Arrest of Jesus Christ / Kiss of Judas
26   Jesus Christ before Annas & Caiphas
27   Jesus Christ Condemned to Death before Pontius Pilate
28   Flagellation of Jesus Christ
29   Crown of Thorns
30   Way of the Cross
31   Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
32   Jesus Christ Pierced with a Lance
33   Entombment of Jesus Christ

34   Harrowing of Hell
35   Resurrection of Jesus Christ
36   Jesus Christ Appears to the Apostles
37   Ascension of Jesus Christ
38   Descent of the Holy Ghost
39   Dormition of Mary
40   Assumption of Mary


This I shall draw at the same scale as the pictures of the Life of Christ; there will be a central panel of the Last Judgment measuring 9"×9", between 4.5"×9" scenes of Heaven and Hell. This arrangement will suggest a winged triptych. It will measure 18"×9" altogether, centered on a larger piece of calfskin vellum.

41   Elect Enter Heaven / Last Judgment / Damned Enter Hell


Each of these drawings will portray a single person or angel from the waist up and will measure 9"×13.5", centered on a larger piece of calfskin vellum.

42   Jesus Christ
43   Mary
44   John the Baptist
45   John the Apostle
46   Michael the Archangel
47   Gabriel the Archangel
48   Enoch
49   Moses
50   Elijah


Each of these drawings will portray a single standing person and will measure 9"×13.5", centered on a larger piece of calfskin vellum.

51   Jesus Christ with the 4 Tetramorphs
52   Mary as the Woman of the Apocalypse
53   Adam with the 4 Rivers of Paradise
54   Eve with the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
55   David as a Symbol of Music


Each of these pictures will measure 4.5"×4.5", centered on a larger piece of calfskin vellum.

56   Fall of Lucifer

57   First Day of Creation
58   Second Day of Creation
59   Third Day of Creation
60   Fourth Day of Creation
61   Fifth Day of Creation
62   Sixth Day of Creation
63   Seventh Day of Creation

64   Creation of Adam
65   Adam Names the Animals
66   Creation of Eve
67   Marriage of Adam & Eve


Each of these pictures will measure 4.5"×4.5", centered on a larger piece of calfskin vellum.

68   Sin of Adam & Eve
69   Expulsion of Adam & Eve from Paradise
70   Sacrifice of Abel
71   Cain Slays Abel
72   Jubal Invents Musical Instruments
73   Lamech Slays Cain
74   Seth Seeks the Oil of Mercy
75   Burial of Adam

76   Translation of Enoch

77   In the Days of Noah
78   Noah, His Family & the Animals Enter the Ark
79   Flood Released
80   Dove Returns to Noah
81   Covenant with Noah

82   Shem & Melchizedek Bury Adam’s Bones
83   Tower of Babel

84   Sacrifice of Melchizedek
85   Hospitality of Abraham
86   Destruction of Sodom
87   Isaac Carries Wood for the Sacrifice
88   Abraham Sacrifices Isaac

89   Isaac Blesses Jacob
90   Dream: Jacob’s Ladder
91   Jacob Wrestles with the Angel
92   Dreams: Joseph
93   Joseph in the Well
94   Dreams: Pharaoh
95   Triumph of Joseph
96   Joseph’s Brothers Bow Before Him & Offer Gifts
97   Jacob Blesses Ephrem & Manasseh
98   Jacob Blesses his 12 Sons


Each of these pictures will measure 4.5"×4.5", centered on a larger piece of calfskin vellum.

99   Moses & the Burning Bush

100   Confrontation with Jannes and Jambres
101   First Plague of Egypt
102   Second Plague of Egypt
103   Third Plague of Egypt
104   Fourth Plague of Egypt
105   Fifth Plague of Egypt
106   Sixth Plague of Egypt
107   Seventh Plague of Egypt
108   Eighth Plague of Egypt
109   Ninth Plague of Egypt
110   Tenth Plague of Egypt

111   Sacrifice of the Paschal Lamb / Doorposts Marked with Blood
112   Children of Israel Led by the Pillar & Cloud
113   Children of Israel Cross the Red Sea
114   Fall of Manna
115   Moses Strikes the Rock at Horeb
116   Moses Destroys the Tablets
117   Moses Receives the Law
118   Consecration of the Tabernacle
119   Spies Carry Grapes from the Promised Land
120   Fall of Dathan & Abiram
121   Aaron’s Flowering Rod
122   Moses & the Brazen Serpent
123   Balaam’s Ass
124   Contest for the Body of Moses

125   Joshua Brings the Ark of the Covenant across Jordan
126   Fall of Jericho
127   Joshua & the Miracle of the Sun


Each of these pictures will measure 4.5"×4.5", centered on a larger piece of calfskin vellum.

128   Gideon’s Fleece
129   Gideon’s 300

130   Samson Slays the Lion
131   Samson Carries the Gates of Gaza
132   Samson & Delilah
133   Death of Samson

134   Presentation of Samuel

135   Samuel Anoints David
136   David Plays his Harp before Saul
137   David Slays Goliath

138   David Eats the Bread of Achimelech
139   David Cuts the Hem of Saul’s Garment
140   Saul & the Witch of Endor

141   David Brings the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem
142   David & Bathsheba
143   Nathan’s Parable / David Repents

144   David Mourns Absalom
145   Three Heroes Bring Water to David
146   David Sacrifices to Stay the Plague

147   Judgment of Solomon
148   Consecration of the First Temple
149   Queen of Sheba at the Bridge
150   Queen of Sheba visits Solomon’s Throne

151   Widow of Sarepta Carries Sticks
152   Elijah Blesses the Pot of Meal & the Oil Cruse
153   Elijah Raises the Widow of Sarepta’s Son

154   Immolation of Elijah’s Sacrifice
155   Translation of Elijah
156   Elisha Blesses the Oil Cruse
157   Elisha Raises the Widow of Sunam’s Son

158   Ezekieh Destroys the Brazen Serpent
159   Destruction of Sennacherib
160   Ezekieh & the Miracle of the Sundial

161   Jonah in the Sea
162   Jonah Emerges from the Great Fish
163   Repentance of Nineveh

164   Vision: Valley of Dry Bones
165   Vision: Closed Eastern Gate in the Temple
166   Vision: Water Flowing from the Temple
167   Vision: Foreheads of the Just Marked with Tau

168   Vision: First Tetramorph, Man
169   Vision: Second Tetramorph, Lion
170   Vision: Third Tetramorph, Ox
171   Vision: Fourth Tetramorph, Eagle

172   Jeremiah Hides the Ark of the Covenant
173   Martyrdom of Isaiah
174   Martyrdom of Jeremiah
175   Martyrdom of Ezekiel

176   Transmigration into Babylon
177   Destruction of the First Temple

178   Dream: Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue
179   Shadrach, Mesach & Abednego in the Furnace
180   Dream: Nebuchadnezzar’s Tree
181   Madness & Repentance of Nebuchadnezzar

182   Belshazzar’s Feast
183   Daniel Slays the Dragon
184   Habacuc Visits Daniel in the Lion’s Den

185   Transmigration out of Babylon
186   Consecration of the Second Temple


Each of these pictures will measure 4.5"×4.5", centered on a larger piece of calfskin vellum. These are events in the New Testament where Jesus Christ is not bodily present, or is disguised. Some of them (such as the infancy of Mary and the deaths of the Apostles) are known from extrabiblical tradition.

187   Kiss at the Golden Gate
188   Nativity of Mary
189   Presentation of Mary
190   Espousals of Mary & Joseph

191   Annunciation to Zachary
192   Nativity of John the Baptist
193   Circumcision of John the Baptist
194   Elizabeth and John the Baptist Flee the Massacre

195   Annunciation to the Shepherds
196   Triburtine Sibyl & Augustus

197   Massacre of the Innocents
198   Fall of the Idols of Hermopolis

199   Testimony of John the Baptist on Earth
200   Decollation of John the Baptist
201   Testimony of John the Baptist in Limbo

202   Parable: Good Samaritan
203   Parable: Prodigal Son
204   Parable: Wise & Foolish Virgins

205   Parable: Sower
206   Parable: Laborers in the Vineyard
207   Parable: Good Shepherd

208   Parable: Wheat & Cockle
209   Parable: Net Cast into the Sea

210   Judas Betrays Jesus Christ
211   Suicide of Judas
212   Peter Denies Jesus Christ
213   Peter Repents

214   Women at the Tomb
215   Peter & John at the Tomb
216   Mary Magdalen & the Gardener
217   Road to Emmaus

218   Matthew Writes his Gospel
219   Mark Writes his Gospel
220   Luke Writes his Gospel
221   John’s Writes his Gospel

222   Martyrdom of Stephen
223   Conversion of Paul
224   Peter Defeats Simon Magus
225   Dionysius & Hierotheos See the Eclipse
226   Paul in the Areopagus

227   John the Apostle Plunged in Boiling Oil
228   Martyrdom of Peter
229   Martyrdom of Paul
230   Martyrdom of Andrew
231   Martyrdom of James the Greater
232   Martyrdom of Thomas
233   Martyrdom of James the Less
234   Martyrdom of Philip
235   Martyrdom of Batholomew
236   Martyrdom of Matthew
237   Martyrdom of Simon & Jude
238   Martyrdom of Matthias
239   Death & Assumption of John the Apostle

240   Destruction of the Second Temple

241   Testimony of Enoch & Elijah
242   Martyrdom of Enoch & Elijah
243   Assumption of Enoch & Elijah


I shall draw this measuring approximately 18"×27", on a full skin with untrimmed edges.

244   Tree of Jesse with a Procession of Prophets

Please note that to complete this project feasibly, I cannot include every event described in the Holy Scriptures. I have selected events that are prominent in sacred liturgy and patristic exegesis. Certain books of the Holy Scriptures I have excluded for other reasons. The Psalms I am illustrating in a separate commission; the Book of Job, the Song of Songs and the Apocalypse are so exceptional in their imagery that I want to treat them separately as well.

I am accepting commissions for works apart from the Summula Pictoria, so please do not hesitate to discuss with me commissions to draw persons or events not included in this list.

   Yours faithfully,

   Daniel Mitsui

all works copyright Daniel Mitsui / danielmitsuiartist at gmail dot com