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I have a long fascination with the Native American art of the Pacific Northwest, admiring its artists’ use of cleanly defined forms, horror vacui and pure, limited colors. I have been reluctant to work in this style only because it is still a surviving art form among the peoples who first developed it.

Nonetheless, its visual appeal is so strong that I have made a few experiments in it, hoping to understand its peculiar qualities better and introduce them to my other drawings. I have noticed curious affinities between this art and medieval art, most especially that of Northumbro-Irish manuscript illumination, which uses thick black lines for emphasis, a similar selection of colors, and a bulging calligraphic penstroke. These affinities I have emphasized in this drawing of the Prophet Jonah.

The calligraphed text (which resembles both Insular Majusule and Square Glagolitic scripts) is from the Gospel of St. Matthew: So shall the Son of Man be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights. I consider this passage especially important, as here Jesus Christ Himself establishes the principle of interpreting the events of the Old Testament as symbolic prefigurements.

Medium: Drawing, black and red ink on Bristol board with gold leaf
Dimensions: 5 1/2" square
Year: 2017

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